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ACME BRICK company compiles an annual What’s Hot and What’s Not trends list. Read Top 10 home design trends, and 10 trends that are now outdated. Here are the highlights. 

HOT Design Trends

The ACME BRICK list is slightly paraphrased for brevity. Here is a link to the complete list and story. 
  1. Sustainability  Rules (Energy Efficiency)
  2. Healthy Homes
  3. Swiss Army Knife Design - MultiFunctionality
  4. Enhanced Bathrooms
  5. Outdoor Living 
  6. Kitchen and living around the island
  7. Curvy Soft Furniture
  8. Work From Home (WFH)
  9. Herringbone flooring is back
  10. Less is more - declutter

Design Trends We Won't Miss

  1. Word art
  2. Dark granite overload
  3. Animals prints in country decor
  4. Corner baths
  5. TV above the fireplace
  6. Oversized clocks
  7. Ferns everywhere
  8. Plaid
  9. Gallery walls with no personality 
  10. Leaving white walls bare

Swiss Army Knife Design

One of the terms used in the ACME BRICK article was Swiss Army Knife Design which means, rooms that are multi-functional. Specifically, the article said, “Single-use spaces seem to be a thing of the past.” 2022 interior design trends will feature ideas for multi-functional rooms.

The kitchen island is a multi-functional space in the kitchen. It serves as a desk for homework, a surface for crafts, a spot for coffee and conversation, and a bar for your breakfast and late-night snack. Today's floorplans are open, allowing for multiple uses. 
Working from home (WFH) which started in 2020 continues to grow as a trend - one many believe may be a permanent shift. Homeowners have had to pivot to include space for a home office. When designing your home office, no matter what size space you have available - remember to design with functionality, practicality, and aesthetics in mind. 

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