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Have you wondered how your new home will be constructed? The following illustrates the basics in building a home. We are using the photos from the new home we're building in conjunction with Building Homes for Heroes for Sergeant John Goudie and his wife Kristi and their three children. The home is located in Freeport, Florida in the community of Windswept Estates. Current plans call for gifting the completed, fully decorated home to the Goudie family in September. Because we are working with Building Homes for Heroes, we've been documenting each stage of construction with photos. A quick run through helps to tell the story of the progression of all the new homes we build. It begins with lot selection and lot prep, followed by the building of the home. Enjoy this timeline.
These photos illustrate the build process from lot selection, to grading, to slab framing, rough plumb, slab pour, to framing walls, adding electric, doors and windows, protective wrap, laying brick, plumbing, dry wall, and finally finish work. Inspections by third party agencies including city and county take place multiple times during the build. When you build with Holiday Builders, your construction manager will update you on the progress of your home. 

For more information on the Building Homes for Heroes build for Sergeant John Goudie, stay tuned to social media. We look forward to the gifting ceremony. For information on Windswept Estates in Freeport, FL, visit our website.