Celebrating Holidays In Your New Home | Holiday Builders
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The holiday season is officially in swing. Thanksgiving, the celebration of bounty and gratitude, is three weeks and a day away. Then, December brings Las Posadas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and Christmas to name a few. Your new home is center of your family's holiday season, a space to decorate and a place to gather.

Decorating is a great way to celebrate holidays at home. Be sure to decorate every room of your home so that there are festive reminders all around. Decorations are only limited by imagination and budget. Strings of lights always find a place - outside and inside. Other items that add to your festive decor include tablecloths, pillows, throws, ribbons, garlands, candles, metal or wood sculptures, trees, ornaments and knick knacks. If there are children in your home, be sure to include them in your home decorating project. Decorating is more fun if there is a plan and everyone is involved.

Cooking holiday meals and treats in your new kitchen is a joyful experience. For one, you are using the latest in energy star rated appliances. There's room to do food prep with plenty of countertop space. You probably have a kitchen island. That means, you have extra room to work and your family has extra space to gather round. With generous cabinet space, you have room for plates, cups and glasses, and all of your pots and pans and pantry items.

Holidays often mean gathering with family and friends. Your new home is the perfect location for sharing the stories, the love and gratitude that come with the holidays. Whether your celebration is a quiet, solo event or one shared with many, your festive new home will provide the foundation of memories for years to come.