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Residents of Florida and Coastal Alabama enjoy “summer-like” weather almost year round. But the months between June and September can be extremely warm and humid. That’s when cooling your home is important not only for comfort, it also serves to keep your home free from moisture and mold. Follow our energy saving tips to save on utility costs, even when your HVAC system is working overtime.

Energy Saving Tips That Really Work

1.    Did you know that setting your air-conditioner at 70 degrees instead of 78 can nearly double your operating costs? If 78 is a bit warm, find a happy medium and set your thermostat on the highest temperature possible to maintain your comfort level. If you’re away from home during the day, raise the temperature and lower it when you get home.
2.    Don’t select the lowest temperature when you turn on your air conditioner. It will not cool your home faster. If your unit is running, it is running as fast as it can.
3.    Run ceiling fans while using your air conditioner. This allows you to set the temperature a bit higher than normal and allow the fans to make it feel cooler.
4.    Change your air conditioning filter every month. A clogged filter reduces air-flow and can even lead to a compressor failure which is costly to repair.
5.    Always keep your air conditioner on AUTO and never on FAN.
6.    With a central air conditioning system, it is important to leave all vents open – even in unused rooms. Closing individual vents does not save money and can actually cause damage to your system.
7.    Ensure windows and doors are properly sealed. Weather stripping wears over time but is inexpensive to replace. Use caulking and weather stripping for the best seal.
8.    Close blinds and draperies during the day to reduce light and the associated heat entering your home. 
9.    Use your microwave oven instead of your range/oven for cooking – or grill your food outside to eliminate the oven heating your home.
10.    Arrange the contents of your refrigerator so that frequently used items are easily accessible. The longer the refrigerator door stays open, the longer it runs. Although your refrigerator keeps your food cool, it expels heat into your kitchen.

For your personal comfort, wear light clothing, avoid alcohol and caffeine and eat lightly during the summer months to help keep yourself cool. Always be sure to stay hydrated.

Energy Efficient New Construction Homes

Holiday Builders offers new homes in Florida and Coastal Alabama. New construction homes offer greater energy efficiency than most resale or older homes due to Energy-star rated appliances, the latest in HVAC systems and new, freshly sealed windows and doors. Maintaining a home’s energy efficiency is the job of the homeowner. Check systems, follow guidelines for your HVAC and replace weather stripping on doors and windows as necessary. For information on Holiday Builders floorplans, pricing and locations, visit