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As New Year's Eve events are cancelled, we find the bright side in
planning a fun celebration at home.

Home on New Year's Eve

Having fun on New Year's Eve is due in large part to the company you keep, more than it is where you are the moment the clock turns over to a new year. So if your plans to go to a New Year's event have been cancelled, gather treasured friends and family in your own home and make the evening special.

We make a big deal of New Year's Eve, and rightly so. It's a time stamp. It signals new growth, endless potential, a chance to start over, to make promises to yourself for a better life. Of course, we have this same opportunity each and every day. But entering a new year seems to kick all of these things into gear.

Of course, there are many folks who long ago discovered the joy of being home for New Year's Eve. There's no need for a babysitter, no stress over finding a place to park, the food is outstanding, you can dress up or dress down, and if you get worn out or find you were "over-served" the comfort of your bedroom is close by.

Get Creative

Looking for a fun idea for your celebration? One of our favorite ideas is a Charcuterie competition. It provides an activity and a great appetizer. Charcuterie boards are an arrangement of meat, cheeses and savory and sweet accompaniments. As the host or hostess, you can provide all the ingredients or you can ask guests to contribute elements, like a block of cheese or crackers and BYOB (Bring Your Own Board). However you gather all the necessary ingredients, the idea is for each guest to make their own Charcuterie Board and you can pick winners based on creativity and execution.

Time Capsule

The other idea we love is creating a time capsule. Perhaps the news about the time capsule - a 134 year-old copper box found in the base of the Robert E Lee Confederate Memorial statue (photo above), was inspiring. Imagine if your family and friends, gathered some items from our world today. Items could include money, family photos, photographs of a space launch, political memorabilia, toys, a cell phone or more interestingly, a letter about your life. Bury your time capsule in the back yard. And maybe in 134 years from now, someone in the future will be treated to a snapshot of life a long time ago.

Celebrating at Home

At Holiday Builders, we are grateful for another year of building new homes. We enjoy playing a part in helping people become homeowners, knowing that home is at the center of our lives. However and wherever your celebrate this year, we wish you and your family a warm, wonderful and safe New Year's Eve. May we all be filled with hope, excitement and appreciation for another year of life.