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Decorating and improving home is a favorite pass time of most Americans. Just ask anyone in the home goods business and they'll tell you that these days, sales are off the charts. Home is central in all of our lives. And since the pandemic hit the United States, the focus on home has accelerated. As you read about items being purchased, it's difficult not to feel something very positive about it all. If there is a silver lining, it surely is home.

It only took 4 months for Crate and Barrel to sell as many Breadmakers as were sold in all of 2019. Close your eyes and imagine the smell of fresh baked bread.

People are purchasing table settings, linens and dining sets. We all know a home-cooked meal is better than anything else. Isn't it nice to spruce up the dinner table and sit down together.

Families are buying more outdoor recreation equipment - including teeter-totters, and more home gym equipment. One clever man bought rubber mats used in horse stalls from Tractor Supply to protect the floor from weights and equipment. 

IKEA has sold far more Billy Bookcases. We love these inexpensive shelves. Even better - people are buying more books than ever. 

A newly pregnant woman purchased an outdoor rug, rocking chairs and wind chimes to spruce up her back porch. Our home's outside spaces are equally as important as indoor spaces now.

Folks spending a lot of time in their homes are noticing the walls that need patching and painting and a lot of that work is getting done.

More gardens are being planted. As a matter of fact, extended time at home was the perfect opportunity for one homeowner to see where the sun shone the longest in her yard enabling the selection of the perfect garden spot.

Wayfair reported enhanced sales of mini "outdoor theatres" complete with a projector, portable screen and speakers for the backyard.

Travelers forced to cancel scheduled trips, repurposed that budget into new landscaping and a home fountain. 

Lastly, some people chose not to consume at all. Instead, they cleaned out closets of clothes and books and donated to shelters and prisons. They donated monies to food pantries and purchased food from local restaurants to keep businesses alive.

The pandemic has brought a new wave of appreciation for home. If you're shopping for a new home in Florida or Coastal Alabama, Holiday Builders has a wide selection of award-winning floorplans. Plus, customers may personalize their new home with design options like flooring, cabinets and countertops. Whether your home is brand new or has years of memories, making it warm, comfortable and attractive make "being home" the best place you could ever be.