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How to repair interior settling cracks in drywall. 

Prepare your work area

Interior settling cracks in drywall are common in new construction homes. Repairing these cracks is an easy task you can complete in a weekend. You want to begin by protecting the area where you'll be making repairs. You don't want caulk dropping onto carpet and creating a new mess. A simple plastic garbage bag and some tape are all you need. Simply cover the area under your work space.


In order to make the repairs to settling cracks, you'll need a caulking gun, Latex Acrylic Caulking, and a wet and dry rag. Always purchase a quality brand of caulking. Better caulking is easier to use, has greater flexibility and sticks better. Cut a small opening on an angle at the tip of the caulk tube. You want to start at the top of the crack and work your way down. The key is to use your finger to work the caulk into the crack. Remove excess caulk with your finger. You'll want to dampen your finger first, then rub caulk into cracks, removing the excess from your fingers with the wet rag. You do not want to use the wet rag on the wall as it could damage your paint.

Missed Areas

If you've missed any areas, simply add more caulk, smooth with your finger and remove the excess with a damp finger. Wait 24 hours for the caulk to dry before touching up with paint. To see a demonstration of this, follow HELPFUL HINTS FROM HOLIDAY BUILDERS on our YouTube Channel. The video on interior settling cracks can be found here.