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Tell me I'm not the only person who grew up with a mom saying, "Don't run the dishwasher - there's not enough in there." Or, "I'll just do these dishes by hand - there aren't enough to go in the dishwasher." The idea was to conserve energy by using the dishwasher only at max capacity. The belief was that the dishwasher uses a lot of energy. The truth is, a dishwasher uses less than four gallons of water per cycle because a dishwasher recycles a lot of the water it uses. We use at least four gallons of water every TWO MINUTES when we wash dishes by hand. So using the dishwasher, if only for a few dishes, saves energy. That's good news for homeowners.
Cascade Dishwasher detergent recently released a set of television commercials with the catch phrase "Do It Every Night With Cascade Platinum".  The company's play on words brought criticism from some groups. The tongue in cheek script drives home the fact that nightly use of the home dishwasher is actually a good thing.

How many people do you know who only use their dishwasher around the holidays? Dishwashers are probably getting more use now. We're all staying home a lot more, cooking and eating at home a lot more. We are producing more dirty dishes. The good news is you can relax and load the dishwasher. Furthermore, you can run that dishwasher, guilt free, even if it isn't completely full.

The following is a Cascade commercial on YouTube.