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Thanksgiving is about sharing and taking stock of the things in life for which we are grateful. Holiday Builders is an employee owned company - we are like family.
We asked our family to share what they are grateful for this year, and this is what they said. 

We are Thankful for...

Donna C: Permit Coordinator CPC
I am grateful for my family, my new Holiday home, and all of the blessings in my life.

Lee P: VP Human Resources
I am grateful for my children.

Marc L: VP of IT
First and foremost, I am grateful to God, my family and them standing behind me in all my endeavors that I have done in my life and the ones I am doing now.  I am also grateful to work for an amazing company and with the team that makes dreams come true for our customers.

Natalie D: New Home Consultant (NHC)
Healthy children and grandchildren, my home, my job, & the ability to travel.

Michelle S: VP Sales and Marketing
I am so grateful that we live in a country where we have the freedom to make our own choices. 

Brian B: Junior Construction Manager
I’m great full for my health, wife, sons, and my awesome job. 

Ana R: Purchasing Processor
I am grateful for my husband, our 2 kiddos and my Mom – I am beyond Blessed and Grateful every day because of them ❤

Melody O: NHC
I am grateful for my family, freedom and most especially LOVE, because love NEVER fails. 

Jeannie L: NHC
I am so very grateful to be living my life in Florida! It was a quality-of-life decision my husband and I made three years ago. We left the snow, crazy commutes, inflated taxes, higher cost of living, STRESS, and moved our family to FL in search for a better quality of life. We absolutely enjoy our lives here (all of us) and love our new Holiday Builders home and pool, the sunshine, beaches, and quality time with our kids and fur babies!

Anthony C: Construction Manager
I am grateful for this job and the people that came with it. Thank you oh lord.

David A: Area Director
I am grateful for family.  Both my personal family and my Holiday Builders family.  I have plenty to be thankful for in both cases.

Leeann A: Accounts Payable Manager
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I am most grateful for my family and friends. We cook and gather around the table laughing, eating, and drinking and reminiscing. Then the family plays a friendly game of football.

Blaine O: Junior Construction Manager
I am grateful to have such a great Project Manager! He's quick, knowledgeable, friendly and all around great to work with! I could not be happier.

Amanda C: Front Desk Associate
I am grateful for the sky and all its inhabitants 😊

Carrie T: NHC
I’m truly grateful for many things but most importantly my family and my health. I lost my Mom in July, 2021 and had a health situation earlier this year ~ both of these events reminded me of how truly precious life is and to be thankful for every day!

Mike V: Regional Purchasing Manager
I am thankful to share my days with people of great caliber…. Thankful to work with such great people…. Thankful for the opportunities that have been awarded to me through Holiday Builders….. thankful for such great leadership, a great support staff and great friends!!

Jean M: Sales Manager
I am grateful for where I am and who I am as I journey with the ones I love. I am blessed. And of course turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy!

Leslie G: NHC
I am most thankful that my mom who is 87 years old and was hospitalized last week has been released from the hospital, and I will get to enjoy Thanksgiving Day with my parents and family. Every Holiday shared with my parents is a blessing to me….. I cannot imagine Holidays without them

Tina S: Corporate Communications Manager
I am grateful for the health and happiness of my two adult children and myself, for love and gratitude, and for a job that allows me to be me AND be supported and appreciated.

Richard F: NHC
I am thankful for my wife and granddaughter. My two favorite people. I am also thankful to work for a great company like Holiday Builders.

Ismael C: NHC
I am grateful for the grace and mercy that follows me every day of my life. I am grateful that every day gives me an opportunity to make a difference whether small or great. I am grateful that even in times of despair, I am able to find joy.

To Our Homebuyers and Homeowners

Our Holiday Builders family wishes a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of our customers - our homebuyers, our homeowners. After nearly 40 years of building new homes, we are most grateful for the opportunity to be part of the journey of homeownership for more than 40,000 families. It is an honor and a privilege to be part of the process. We are keenly aware daily, that we are not just building a house, but a home - a place at the center of people's lives.