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When it comes to setting goals one of the key elements is to visualize. If you want to lose weight for example, you mentally visualize how you'll look in a particular outfit. If you're getting married, you visualize the kind of flowers you want and the location. Visualization is an effective tool in goal setting. There are many ways to visualize your dreams and goals. Some people create elaborate vision boards. Others simply place a photo on a computer desktop, or on their refrigerator so they see it everyday.

Visualization is necessity when it comes to homebuilding and homebuying. In the "resale" home market, real estate agents urge sellers to present their homes in ways that will allow a buyer to visualize themselves in the home. For example, bright paint colors or cluttered rooms disrupt the buyer's ability to envision their own belongings in a room. That's why real estate agents advise sellers to paint walls with neutral colors and remove personal belongings. 

When it comes to new home construction, homebuilders create model homes to help buyers visualize space. A floorplan shows a buyer how a home is laid out - but most of us have a better understanding of size when we're actually walking through the home.

Holiday Builders allows customers to select design options to personalize their new home. Looking at a single tile, or a carpet sample, or a cabinet selection is helpful. But seeing that tile actually laid on the bathroom floor, or the carpet in the room, or a full set of kitchen cabinets in a particular color is a great tool.
That's why Holiday Builders has showcase model homes everywhere we build. The model is where we highlight our design options. If the model you're visiting has dark colored kitchen cabinets and you want to see white cabinets, we can share photographs or video tours of the selections you prefer. The model home gives buyers a chance to look inside cabinets, touch countertops, and walk into the walk-in shower.

Selecting countertops, cabinets and flooring might feel overwhelming. Our New Home Consultants are trained to assist you in making choices. It is important that all the selections work in cooperation with one another. The granite countertops need to work well with the cabinets and the flooring. 

Visualizing your new home is the beginning of the process. To get started, visit a model home near you. You'll find all model home locations on our website. If you act before November 15th, you can save up to $5,000 on design options and upgrades with our "Falling into Savings" promotion.