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They are true to their words. Better communication between buyers and leaders. Extremely satisfied and happy with outcome.
Maria S. 09-30-2020
I just want to say this whole experience from start to finish was so easy and natural. Constant communication and such professionalism all around. Special thanks to Kent and Anthony - the best!
Erica A. 10-02-2020
Robert R. 10-27-2020
Darrell and Sharon were amazing! Sharon answered call and met with us when asked. Darrell was very thorough and helpful! :-)
Robert S. 09-28-2020
You all are great!!
Billy W. 09-28-2020
MaryBeth was wonderful! Ted was great! Everyone was so polite and professional.
Jeremy N. 10-02-2020
Great experience. Sharon and Darrell are amazing!!!
Dana A. 11-02-2020
Richard, Trevor, Troy, and Chris went above and beyond. Chris and Kent were great. Arlene was beyond helpful and really made this process a special one! Trevor exceeded expectations with his level of communication during the entire process. Chris exceeded all expectations when it came to working with the office staff. Kent exceeded all expectations when it came to working with Shelter Mortgage
Nicole M. 11-02-2020
Kent was a great lender. Don did amazing making sure the home was presented and ready to go. We are so excited for our new home!
Elizabeth M. 08-24-2020
Angel was great. Best customer experience!
Hugoalbert E. 09-30-2020
Very pleased that the communication was good.
Anthony P. 09-30-2020
Angel did an amazing job. Arlene did an excellent job
Vilma H. 09-30-2020
Chris was always there for me
Stephanie J. 10-21-2020
Angel was the best to work with. He answered all of our questions. Joe at the sales office was awesome. He did his best at every meeting we had
Leondra K. 11-02-2020
Steve was amazing
Shane C. 10-02-2020
Foreman and builder were available to answer questions or assist with issues. Quality of work is wonderful.
Janet M. 09-30-2020
The house is perfect!! Everyone and everything was great! Paul was amazing! 
Robert R. 10-21-2020
Tina was amazing. She was always available to answer any questions I had from day one.
Jessica O. 10-15-2020
Holly and Mike were awesome through the whole experience and would recommend doing business with them.
Cody A. 09-01-2020
Carolyn went above and beyond throughout the entire experience! She always made herself available and promptly answered my calls and emails.
john H. 09-01-2020
Our builder Steve was easy and amazing to work with!!!
Curtis W. 09-28-2020

The availability of both Robert and Steve made the process extremely easy and personal! Steve went above and beyond to ensure that we were completely satisfied. Robert is absolutely the best in the industry.

Ahmand B. 10-15-2020
Natalie was very helpful with questions and returning our calls
Patricia C. 08-31-2020

Lindsay and James were very responsive to questions and great to work with. 04/29/20

Richard D. 04-29-2020
I am so taken with the entire process of buying your home. Beautiful and well-built and wonderful and amazing staff representing your company. I would highly recommend you to everyone I know. Thank with all my heart for my forever home.
Maritza C. 05-01-2020
Zach made himself available to any request. He was pleasant & efficient. He was available even on short notice. We appreciated his attention.
Lenny N. 04-29-2020
Brian, the builder and everyone at title + closing, start to finish was excellent. Zach with sales was awesome too. Thank you!!
Aliana F. 06-12-2020
Love our new home! Orestes did an amazing job, not only building a great home, but also with communication. Orestes was always prompt to answer our questions and concerns, and addressing any issues we had. Chris G. was great as always. Lynne always prompt & accommodating! Super excited about our home!
Francisco N. 05-28-2020
Ellen and Mida provided excellent customer service throughout the entire process. It was a true pleasure to deal with them.
Diane O. 01-21-2020
Sloane was absolutely amazing!!!
Lindwall M . 05-12-2020
They have been amazing and patient with us throughout this process. Thank you.
Nicole G. 07-30-2020
Thank you for flexibility during COVID-19!
Marlene C. 04-29-2020
We love Sharon! She has been fantastic from start to finish, and always went above and beyond!
Paul R. 06-29-2020
Please give Mary Beth employee of the year. She was very understanding to our family's need. Also, she went above and beyond what she does.
Okeif W. 04-01-2020
I loved everything from the minute we walked in.
Robert W. 04-02-2020
Jerrod was extremely well with communication and always kept us updated on progress of the house. Sharon was great in showing us the model and answered all of our questions thoroughly.
Brian S. 06-18-2020
Mark the construction manager was excellent he kept me very informed EVERY STEP of the building process. Great guy!! Very responsive to all of my questions or requests!
Sharon C. 04-01-2020
Kathy was terrific. Couldn't have done all this without her! Bobby was extremely thorough and very easy to work with.
John P. 07-01-2020
Everyone was amazing! Thank you :)
Antonio C. 02-14-2020
Had a wonderful experience! Kenny was incredible!
Benjamin K. 01-02-2020
Mark was great with the building process. I highly recommend him.
Doreen K. 01-03-2020
Kenny is amazing! Great contractor who built an awesome home for us!
Dustin B. 02-14-2020
Great throughout the whole process!
Sabrina D. 04-01-2020
He was very polite, very informative and answered all of my questions and then some.
Brandyn D. 04-02-2020
Love the text updates. Each person involved was wonderful. Thank you for setting up Escrow for taxes next year, you are wonderful.
Martha Ann B. 05-01-2020
John Browning was amazing. The home looks better than I expected and John's communication was great! Arlene with HB Title was so nice :-)
Nicole B. 05-01-2020
Overall this was a great experience for us. We thank everyone for helping us get through this. We are very pleased about everything!
Alyssa S. 05-28-2020
Don very good explain everything clearly
Natalie G. 05-29-2020
Everyone has been wonderful.
Abraham I. 06-01-2020
Everyone has been a pleasure to work with and made this so easy!
Christopher M. 06-12-2020
Kenny was wonderful to deal with made the process easy and will refer family and friends to HB.
Brian S. 07-01-2020
Absolutely amazing experience!!!
Zachary B. 07-01-2020
Best in class customer service. The entire process was amazing.
Henry N. 07-20-2020
Our constructions manager, Kenny, was amazing. Always available and always helpful with any questions or concerns.
Chelsey P. 07-21-2020
Construction Manager Mark was amazing, kind, smart, witty, sense of humor, thorough, honest, and met his absolute deadline as promised!
Richard P. 07-24-2020
Everyone involved was amazing!!
Madeleine B. 08-17-2020
It was glorious!
Frantz J. 01-07-2020
The construction manager was really helpful in this experience. A+ for him and A+ for my saleswoman Michelle.
Rona E. 02-04-2020
House is beautiful, wonderful communication, very professional
Robin R. 06-12-2020
The staff has been great, professional, and very responsive. Construction Manager Steve has gone above and beyond.
Renee C. 08-17-2020
I liked Stephen’s expertise + friendliness. He was very helpful accommodating. Becky in closing was great.
Donald S. 05-12-2020
Very satisfied with everyone's attention to detail. Very nice and personal.
Christine W. 06-02-2020
Excellent all around experience.
Damon G. 07-30-2020
Mark went above and beyond and he was always there to answer all my questions!!
Dena S. 01-03-2020
Paul was awesome keeping me updated with everything.
Alberto V. 04-01-2020
You all were fabulous! Couldn't be happier with the experience.
Robert M. 06-20-2020
Sales rep, Holly, was extremely professional and went above and beyond our expectations.
Thomas G. 04-29-2020

Holly was very kind and helpful throughout the process. Mike was very patient and prompt.

Monica Z. 04-20-2020
Friendly, courteous, responsive, and helpful team of professionals. Thank you!
Ivelisse C. 06-29-2020

Robert Brill made the buying of our home less stressful and made the experience enjoyable.

We felt like we were buying from a friend that cared and wanted you to be happy. We have recommended him specifically to our friends because of the quality of salesmanship we received from him from beginning to end.
Porfirio M. 06-29-2020
We love the house. I also love how quick your team has been to help on the little things. Your company has been a blessing to our family. Thank you for our beautiful home!
The Harvest Foundation, Inc. 07-14-2020
Everyone has been great
Judith M. 08-06-2020
We lived in TX, and built sight unseen. Everyone was very friendly and always helpful. We had a special situation arise and everyone put in 110% to get us to close on time. We can't even begin to say thank you enough!
Laura G. 05-28-2020

Chris G. was exceptional to work with...very informative and patient with us through the process. Chris B. went above and beyond to make us feel good about our home purchase. Just exceptional! We are very grateful and enjoyed working with everyone along the way!

Robert B. 07-30-2020
Bill and Tiara were amazing to work with
Wendi H. 04-29-2020
Excellent customer service, extremely professional, met our expectations
Michael B. 07-13-2020
We loved working with Tiara & Bill. Both made us feel part of the community during the build.
David S. 07-30-2020
Matt did an amazing job - thank you for a job well done. Leona was awesome!!
Robert T. 01-03-2020
All parties from the builder, Title, Sales, and Shelter were extremely efficient and pleasant to work with!
David L. 04-01-2020
This was the easiest home purchase I've had of all 6 purchases I've made.
Micah M. 03-04-2020
My wife and I are very happy with the results. Very good company
Robert O. 04-01-2020
Everyone was very helpful.
John I. 06-29-2020
Great! Amber always there to answer any questions. Troy took the time to explain everything during the walk through. HB Title was quick & fast. University Lending was outstanding.
Barbara H. 07-01-2020
We had an excellent experience through the whole process
Brett Y. 06-19-2020

My experience with Doug Riedel in the Warranty Department has been absolutely exceptional in responding to my issues!  He is prompt, helpful and always follows up. Even though a couple of my issues have been very minor, he does not make me feel as if they are unimportant and treats them the same as any other issues. I moved here from Michigan and bought my house online sight unseen because my realtor told me it was a Holiday home and therefore a good buy! You have not disappointed! Also, I want to say every professional who came to fix my issues could not have been more friendly and competent. They too did not treat any issue as if it was a bother but rather they were happy to help. Too often people are quick to complain but not to compliment! I can’t say enough good about Doug and all of Holiday Builders!

Mary K. 04-29-2021

"Michelle and I are super grateful to Holiday Builders for their builders' amazing effort... We also are grateful to have an overall positive team, helping to make this successful..."

Jamal T. 06-11-2021